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New Magnetic Applications in Clinical Dentistry

New Magnetic Applications in Clinical Dentistry
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ISBN: 978-4-87417-828-7
Autor: Minoru Ai, Yuh-Yuan Shiau

New Magnetic Applications in Clinical Dentistry

Edited by: Minoru Ai, Yuh-Yuan Shiau

Date of publication: January-05



As new materials and technology have become available, magnetic attachment devices have become increasingly sophisticated, making them a viable option for controlling unfavorable lateral forces in the retention of removable prostheses. Various types of magnetic attachments are now available for a wide range of clinical applications. This text presents the fundamental mechanical and biologic concepts of magnetic attachments and their range of applications; introduces other magnet-related technology; and demonstrates their use in 27 clinical cases, many with long-term results.

ISBN: 978-4-87417-828-7


1 Introduction
Minoru Ai

Part 1 Fundamentals of Magnet and Magnetic Attachment
2 Magnetic Applications in Clinical Dentistry
Harold W. Preiskel
3 The Technology of the Dental Magnetic Attachment
Yoshinobu Honkura
4 Biological Effects of Magnetic Attachment on the Human Body and Tissues
Tetsuo Ichikawa and Naeko Kawamoto
5 Influences of Magnetic Attachment on Medical Appliances
Toshio Hosoi and Fujio Tsuchida
6 The New Generation of Dental Attachment
Yoshinobu Honkura

Part 2 Clinical Application of Magnetic Attachment
7 A Concept of Designing Dentures and Role of the Magnetic Attachment
Minoru Ai
8 Preparations of Abutments for Magnetically Retained Overdentures
Hiroshi Mizutani and Vygandas Rutkunas
9 Cast base (Coping) System
Hiroshi Mizutani and Vygandas Rutkunas
10 The Root Keeper System and its Clinical Application
Yuh-Yuan Shiau
11 Clinical Analysis on the Reliability of the Magnetic Attachment Over an 8-Year Period
Hiroshi Inoue
12 Maintenance of Magnetically Retained Overdentures and Troubleshooting
Hiroshi Mizutani and Vygandas Rutkunas

Part 3 Clinical Cases

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