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Change Your Smile 4th Edition-Hard Cover

Change Your Smile 4th Edition-Hard Cover
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Preţ: 42,00€
ISBN: 9780867154665
Autor: Ronald E. Goldstein

Change Your Smile 4th Edition

Hard Cover

Edited by: Ronald E. Goldstein

Date of publication: 2009



Of the hundreds of books on cosmetic dentistry written over the past 25 years, only one has stood the test of time. Change Your Smile—the first comprehensive book to show patients what cosmetic dental treatment could do to transform their appearance and improve their self-image—has been updated to introduce the current generation of patients to the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry. Based on the premise that most esthetic treatment failures are the result of miscommunication and false expectations, Change Your Smile speaks directly to patients about the range of possibilities as well as the limitations of cosmetic dental treatment, arming them with the knowledge they need to communicate effectively with their dentists. Like its predecessors, the snazzy new fourth edition invites readers—regardless of their age, budget, or the extent of their problem—to analyze their own smile and then observe how specific cosmetic procedures, most of them either minimally or noninvasive, dramatically improved the appearance of actual patients who sought treatment for the same problem. Stained, crooked, or missing teeth? Unsightly gaps? Showing too much gum tissue? These and the full array of other problems that can detract from a smile are presented in short, easy-to-read nuggets, and each problem, in turn, is followed by information showcasing the various cosmetic solutions available to resolve it. Featuring abundant before-and-after photographs, detailed charts for side-by-side comparison of treatment options, and myriad fashion and beauty tips, Change Your Smile effectively conveys the message that esthetic procedures not covered by insurance are nevertheless well worth the investment because of their potential life-changing effects. Written by the world-renowned expert on esthetic dentistry, Change Your Smile should grace the waiting rooms of all dentists seeking to increase patient acceptance of cosmetic treatment and thus expand their practices.
484 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9780867154665

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