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Osseointegration and Multidisciplinary Treatment

Osseointegration and Multidisciplinary Treatment
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ISBN: 978-85-87425-76-8
Autor: Carlos E Francischone

Osseointegration and Multidisciplinary Treatment

Edited by: Carlos E Francischone

Date of publication: 2008



The functional consequences of tooth loss require clinicians to fabricate restorations that take into consideration individual anatomic situations as well as the psychologic aspects of the patients. This comprehensive text details the role of osseointegration in prosthodontic restoration via careful treatment planning and the use of a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach. Open communication between the patient and treatment team ensures that every stage of treatment is in concert with the patient’s desires. From detailed clinical and radiographic examination to soft tissue considerations to selection of implant systems and surgical techniques, this book outlines well-documented modalities that are safe, simple, and predictable.


ISBN: 978-85-87425-76-8


1. Introduction 2. Provisional/Transitional Restorations in Osseointegration 3. Can Differet Implant Systems Influence the Quality of Peri-implant Oral Microflora? 4. Soft Tissue Management and Smile Esthetics 5. When to Replace Teeth by Implants 6. Treatment Planning and Procedures to Adequate Implant Positioning Toward Esthetics and Function 7. The Use of Intraoral Donor Sites on Alveolar Osseous Reconstruction 8. Loading or Immediate Function on Osseointegrated Implants 9. Autogenous Bone Grafts on Implantology 10. Fundamentals of Zygomatic Implants as a Surgical Alternative in the Treatment of Atrophic Maxillae 11. Soft Tissue Management on Implantology 12. Reconstruction of Craniofacial Function Using Osseointegrated Implants in Patients with Mandibular Defects 13. Oral Fixed Rehabilitation of Atrophic Jaws 14. Surgical Techniques for Zygomatic Implant Placement in Atrophied Maxillary Arches 15. Francischone’s Classification for Implant Prostheses

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