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Peri-Implant Infection

Peri-Implant Infection
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-193-1
Autor: Frank Schwarz, Jürgen Becker

Peri-Implant Infection

Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Edited by: Frank Schwarz, Jürgen Becker

Date of publication: October 2009



As more and more people today are choosing dental implants over traditional methods of tooth replacement, a corresponding rise in the number of individuals with post-implant complications can be expected. Consequently, the significance of treating conditions such as peri-implant infections is mounting. This book provides a clear and easily comprehensible description of periimplant tissue anatomy and structure as well as of the etiological and pathogenetic factors associated with peri-implantitis. Clinical features and current options for diagnosis of peri-implant disease (including radiological and microbiological procedures) are discussed in detail based on numerous case studies. Using a modular treatment approach placing special emphasis on clinical relevance, this book provides a comprehensive and critical introduction to non-surgical procedures, including laser therapy and implant surface decontamination, antimicrobial and antiphlogistic treatments, and surgical procedures, including resective and regenerative procedures as well as explantation.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-193-1

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