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Manual of Wire Bending Techniques

Manual of Wire Bending Techniques
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Preţ: 85,00€
ISBN: 9780867154955
Autor: Eiichiro Nakajima

Manual of Wire Bending Techniques

Edited by: Eiichiro Nakajima

Date of publication: October 2010


Effective wire bending techniques that are customized to each individual patient make orthodontic treatment more efficient and can reduce treatment time. The authors of this step-by-step manual detail the essential components and techniques of customized wire bending, including the first-, second-, third-, and fourth-order bends selection and proper manipulation of pliers; and optimal methods of adjustment to be used during orthodontic treatment. A must-have guide for orthodontists.

ISBN: 9780867154955


1. Mastering the Fourth-Order Bend
2. Trimming Casts
3. Basic Wire Bending
4. Corrective Techniques: Clinical Cases

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