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Bruxism- Theory and Practice

Bruxism- Theory and Practice
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-191-7
Autor: Daniel Paesani


Theory and Practice


Edited by: Daniel Paesani

Date of publication: February 2010


This comprehensive evidence-based guide to bruxism provides answers to many questions arising in everyday dental practice. The first part reviews general bruxism knowledge as well as guidelines for diagnosis, sleep physiology, etiology, peripheral and emotional factors, movement disorders, and bruxism in children. The second part is devoted to the effects of bruxism on the different components of the masticatory system and explores its relationship to pain. The final part addresses the various aspects of bruxism treatment—both pharmacologic and clinical management—as well as particulars of restoration specific to the bruxing patient, including recommended dental materials, considerations for use of implant-supported prostheses, and an overview of complex oral restoration. Researchers, students, and specialists will benefit from the in-depth analysis of bruxism and its treatment and the extensive, up-to-date bibliographies.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-191-7



Introduction • Diagnosis • Sleep Physiology • Etiology • Peripheral Sensory Factors • Emotional Factors • Movement Disorders • Bruxism in Children • Tooth Wear • Dental Erosion • Gastroesophageal Reflux and Dental Erosion • Effects of Bruxism • Bruxism and Endodontics • Occlusion Trauma and the Periodontium • Bruxism and Muscles • TMD and Bruxism • Pain and Bruxism • Pharmacologic Considerations • Dental Materials for Bruxing Patient • Treatment • Complex Oral Restoration • Restoration of the Worn Dentition • Bruxism and Implant-Assisted Prostheses • Botulinum Toxin • Clinical Treatment

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