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Orofacial Pain, 2nd Edition

Orofacial Pain, 2nd Edition
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ISBN: 978-0-86715-458-0
Autor: Barry J Sessle, Gilles J Lavigne, James P Lund, Ronald Dubner

Orofacial Pain, 2nd Edition

From Basic Science to Clinical Management


Edited by: Barry J Sessle, Gilles J Lavigne, James P Lund, Ronald Dubner

Date of publication: Aug-08


This revised and expanded edition highlights the importance of understanding the biologic and psychologic pain mechanisms to prepare clinicians who treat patients presenting with a variety of pain symptoms. In addition to presenting objective definitions and descriptions of pain and its physical effects, the authors include evidence-based research on how the pain experience may be influenced by genetics, gender, or individual psychosocial and health histories. New chapters include  headache and orofacial pain-related movement disorders.

ISBN: 978-0-86715-458-0


Section I: Orofacial Pain: Classification, Epidemiology and Beliefs
Section II: Neurobiology of Pain
Section III: Pain and Behaviour
Section IV: Management of Orofacial Pain: Principles and Practices

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