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Bell’s Orofacial Pains, Sixth Edition

Bell’s Orofacial Pains, Sixth Edition
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ISBN: 978-0-86715-439-9
Autor: Jeffrey P Okeson

Bell’s Orofacial Pains, Sixth Edition

The Clinical Management of Orofacial Pain

Edited by: Jeffrey P Okeson

Date of publication: December-04


Updated to reflect the latest research in orofacial pain, this revised edition of Dr Weldon Bell’s classic text is designed to assist the practising dentist in managing orofacial pain disorders, from diagnosis to treatment selection. Many new photographs illustrate the concepts and techniques that are discussed, and a new section on injection techniques for the diagnosis and management of orofacial pain has been added. The book also includes 35 case reports to help the clinician better understand orofacial pain disorders and how to treat them effectively

ISBN: 978-0-86715-439-9


Section One: The Nature of Pain
Defining the Problem
The Neural Anatomy of Orofacial Pain
The Neurophysiology of Orofacial Pain
The Processing of Pain at the Brainstem Level
The Processing of Pain at the Supraspinal Level
Section Two: Clinical Considerations of Orofacial Pain
The Various Presentations of Pain
Category Classification of Orofacial Pains
Principles of Pain Diagnosis
General Considerations in Managing Orofacial Pains
Section Three: Clinical Pain Syndromes
Cutaneous and Mucogingival Pains
Pains of Dental Origin
Pains of Muscle Origin
Temporomandibular Joint Pains
Other Musculoskeletal Pains
Visceral Pains
Vascular and Neurovascular Pains
Neuropathic Pains
Psychologic Factors and Orofacial Pain: Axis II

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