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Orofacial Pain, Fourth Edition

Orofacial Pain, Fourth Edition
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ISBN: 978-0-86715-413-9
Autor: Reny de Leeuw

Orofacial Pain, Fourth Edition

Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management

Edited by: Reny de Leeuw

Date of publication: May-08


Completely revised and updated, this new version of the AAOP Guidelines educates readers on the procedures of evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, and management of orofacial pain conditions based on the latest scientific knowledge. While the structure of the previous version has been maintained, this book offers evidence-based concepts where available and reflects many significant changes in the field of orofacial pain. For example, an entire chapter is now devoted to cervical disorders to emphasize the close relationships between some orofacial pain disorders and cervical pain disorders and to cast greater attention on their differences and similarities. Because they constitute a major part of orofacial pain and affect so many, temporomandibular disorders are the primary topic of several chapters as well as a major focus of the chapter of classification. Other important topics covered in detail include neuropathic pain conditions, odontogenic pain, and mucogingival disorders.

1 Introduction to Orofacial Pain
2 General Assessment of the Patient With Orofacial Pain
3 Differential Diagnosis of Orofacial Pain
4 Vascular and Nonvascular Intracranial Disorders
5 Primary Headache Disorders
6 Episodic and Continuous Neuropathic Pain
7 Intraoral Pain Disorders
8 Temporomandibular Disorders
9 Cervicogenic Mechanisms
10 Extracranial and Systemic Disorders
11 Biobevavioral Considerations

ISBN: 978-0-86715-413-9

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