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Principles and Practices of Complete Dentures

Principles and Practices of Complete Dentures
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ISBN: 978-4-87417-607-8
Autor: 978-4-87417-607-8

Principles and Practices of Complete Dentures

Creating the mental image of a denture

Edited by: Iwao Hayakawa

Date of publication: May-99


In this well-illustrated book, the author presents his innovative and time-tested approach for constructing a functional complete denture. Includes many clinical tips for denture fabrication.

ISBN: 978-4-87417-607-8


1. Examination and Preparation for Treatment
2. Making the Impressions
3. Recording the Jaw Relations
4. Arranging the Artificial Teeth
5. Try-in of the Dentures
6. Designing the Polished Surface
7. Correcting the Occlusion
8. Denture Insertion and Subsequent Oral Examinations
9. Clinical Procedure
Appendix: Application of Soft Denture Lining Materials

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