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Dental Bleaching

Dental Bleaching
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Preţ: 42,00€
ISBN: 978-1-85097-131-3
Autor: Martin Kelleher

Dental Bleaching

Edited by: Martin Kelleher

Date of publication: October-07


Bleaching has been scientifically proven to be a simple, safe, and effective modality. Used appropriately, bleaching treatments provide significant aesthetic benefits to patients and incur only a very low biologic risk and a reasonable financial cost. Inside/outside bleaching has dramatically reduced the further destruction of damaged teeth caused by the placement of post crowns.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-131-3


1. Chemistry and safety of dental bleaching
2. Nightguard vital bleaching
3. Management of discoloured dead anterior teeth
4. Bleaching of teeth affected by specific conditions
5. Chair-side bleaching
6. Over the counter bleaching products
7. Frequently asked questions
8. Information for patients
9. Complications and contraindications

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