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Fixed Prosthodontics in Dental Practice

Fixed Prosthodontics in Dental Practice
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-095-8
Autor: Michael O’Sullivan

Fixed Prosthodontics in Dental Practice

Edited by: Michael O’Sullivan

Date of publication: April-05


This book covers essential steps in achieving excellence in fixed prosthodontics. The reader is guided through the processes of assessing patients requiring fixed partial dentures, preparing teeth, and recording impressions, among other topics.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-095-8



Chapter 1 Patient Assessment and Presentation of Treatment Options
Chapter 2 Objectives of Tooth Preparation
Chapter 3 Restorative Periodontal Interface
Chapter 4 Provisional Restorations
Chapter 5 Impression-Making and Gingival Manipulation
Chapter 6 Clinical Maxillomandibular Relationships and Dental Articulators
Chapter 7 Shade Selection in Fixed Prosthodontics
Chapter 8 Evaluation of Completed Restorations
Chapter 9 Selection and Use of Luting Cements: A Practical Guide
Chapter 10 Resin-Bonded Restorations
Chapter 11 Restoration of Non-Vital Teeth

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