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Managing Endodontic Failure in Practice

Managing Endodontic Failure in Practice
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Preţ: 42,00€
ISBN: 978-1-85097-086-6
Autor: Bun San Chong

Managing Endodontic Failure in Practice

Edited by: Bun San Chong

Date of publication: July-04


This book provides practitioners with a concise, practical overview of biological principles and techniques for handling endodontic failures.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-086-6


Chapter 1 Defining Success and Failure 1
Chapter 2 Understanding Endodontic Failure 11
Chapter 3 The Decision-Making Process 23
Chapter 4 Biological Objectives of Retreatment 51
Chapter 5 Disassembling the Coronal Restoration 65
Chapter 6 Achieving Radicular Access 89
Chapter 7 Managing Canal Obstructions 109
Chapter 8 A Surgical Alternative 123

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