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Rational Root Canal Treatment in Practice

Rational Root Canal Treatment in Practice
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-055-2
Autor: John M Whitworth

Rational Root Canal Treatment in Practice

Edited by: John M Whitworth

Date of publication: November-02


Focuses on the principles of infection control to rationalise mechanical stages of treatment and reveal where new and older techniques can optimise efficiency and successful outcomes for patients.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-055-2


Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Endodontic Disease
Chapter 2 Endodontic Symptomology and Immediate Management
Chapter 3 Preparing for Definitive Treatment
Chapter 4 Entering the Canal System
Chapter 5 Entering “Calcified” Systems
Chapter 6 Creating the Conditions for Periapical Health
Chapter 7 Preserving the Healing Environment
Chapter 8 Success and Failure

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