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Treatment of Endodontic Infections

Treatment of Endodontic Infections
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ISBN: 9781850972051
Autor: Jose Siqueira

Treatment of Endodontic Infections

Edited by: Jose Siqueira

Date of publication: November 2010


A thorough understanding of the microbiological aspects of apical periodontitis is the basis for high-quality endodontic practice based on a solid scientific foundation. The first section of this book deals with microbiologic and pathophysiologic aspects of apical periodontitis, while the second section describes the best evidence for predictable treatment and prevention of the disease.

ISBN: 9781850972051


Section 1 – The Infection
Chapter 1: Endodontic Infections and the Etiology of Apical Periodontitis–an Overview
Chapter 2: The Invaders: Bacterial Biofi lm Communities and Pathogenicity
Chapter 3: The Defense: Host-Pathogen Interactions and Immune Response
Chapter 4: The Disease: Clinical Manifestations and Pathophysiology of Apical Periodontitis
Chapter 5: Primary Endodontic Infections
Chapter 6: Persistent and Secondary Endodontic Infections
Chapter 7: Causes of Endodontic Treatment Failure
Chapter 8: Causes of Persistent Post-treatment Pain in Endodontics
Chapter 9: Systemic Implications of Endodontic Infections
Section 2 – The Treatment
Chapter 10: Preventing Endodontic Infections
Chapter 11: Controlling Endodontic Infections –an Overview
Chapter 12: Chemomechanical Preparation
Chapter 13: Intracanal Medication
Chapter 14: Obturation of the Root Canal System
Chapter 15: Treating Failures: Retreatment and Periradicular Surgery
Chapter 16: Endodontic Emergencies of Infectious Origin
Chapter 17: Systemic Antibiotics in Endodontics

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