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The Power of Ultrasonics

The Power of Ultrasonics
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ISBN: 978-2-912550-51-4
Autor: Fridus van der Weijden

The Power of Ultrasonics

Edited by: Fridus van der Weijden

Date of publication: April-07


Today, routine use of an ultrasonic scaler reduces the need for a vast assortment of hand instruments, saving time and providing obvious ergonomic benefits. This nicely illustrated book explains the scientific basis and technical mechanics of ultrasonic instrumentation and what makes it superior to hand instrumentation, particularly for supra- and subgingival debridement. The author provides the key to successful use of ultrasonic instruments by describing techniques for their use in routine periodontal maintenance as well as in endodontic therapy. Discussions of new developments in the field, ultrasonic tip designs, clinical results, possible side effects, and contraindications make this an essential book for dentists and hygienists who recognize the benefits and advantages of using ultrasonic instruments.

ISBN: 978-2-912550-51-4


1 Introduction
2 Mechanical Scalers
3 Effects of the Sonic Scaler
4 Effects of the Ultrasonic Scaler
5 Cooling Scaler Tips
6 Effects of Professional Supra- and Subgingival Debridement
7 Effects of Mechanical Scalers on the Tooth and Surrounding Tissues
8 Possible Side Effects of Mechanical Scalers
9 Contraindications
10 Correct Application of Ultrasonic Instruments
11 Systematic Treatment with Mechanical Scalers
12 New Developments
13 Dental Applications Outside Periodontal Therapy
14 Conclusion

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