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Successful Periodontal Therapy

Successful Periodontal Therapy
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-074-3
Autor: Peter A Heasman, Philip M Preshaw, Pauline Robertson

Successful Periodontal Therapy

A non-surgical approach

Edited by: Peter A Heasman, Philip M Preshaw, Pauline Robertson

Date of publication: March-04


Nonsurgical treatment of patients with gingival and periodontal diseases can be undertaken by the general dental practitioner through the management of common and well-established risk and local predisposing factors and the use of treatments adjunctive to conventional methods of scaling and root surface instrumentation. The goals and objectives of these procedures and the importance of supportive periodontal care are fully examined in this book.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-074-3


Chapter 1 Goals and Clinical Outcomes of Non-Surgical Treatment (Peter Heasman)
Chapter 2 Hygiene Phase Therapy (Peter Heasman)
Chapter 3 Instruments and Instrumentation (Pauline Robertson)
Chapter 4 Managing Systemic Risk Factors (Philip Preshaw)
Chapter 5 Managing Local Factors (Philip Preshaw)
Chapter 6 Adjunctive Treatments (Philip Preshaw)
Chapter 7 Supportive Periodontal Care (Peter Heasman

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