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Managing Dental Trauma

Managing Dental Trauma
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-087-3
Autor: Richard R Welbury, Terry A Gregg

Managing Dental Trauma

Edited by: Richard R Welbury, Terry A Gregg

Date of publication: January-06


The management of dental trauma will continue to be an integral element of everyday clinical practice, practitioners will need to continue to be abreast of current thinking in the management of dental trauma.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-087-3



1. History, Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
2. Prevention
3. Intraoral Soft Tissue Injuries
4. Primary Dentition Injuries
5. Permanent Dentition: Uncomplicated Crown and Crown-root Fractures: Infractions, Enamel Fractures, Enamel-dentine Fractures, Enamel-dentine-cementum Fractures
6. Permanent Dentition: Complicated Crown Fractures: Enamel-dentine-pulp Fractures, Enamel-dentine-pulp-root Fractures
7. Permanent Dentition: Root Fractures and Splinting
8. Permanent Dentition: Concussion, Subluxation, Lateral Luxation and External Resorption
9. Permanent Dentition: Intrusive and Extrusive Luxations
10. Permanent Dentition: Avulsion and Reimplantation
11. Permanent Dentition: Dento-alveolar Fractures
12. Child Physical Abuse

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