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Revolutions in Pediatric Dentistry

Revolutions in Pediatric Dentistry
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Preţ: 78,00€
ISBN: 781850972129
Autor: Christian Splieth

Revolutions in Pediatric Dentistry

Edited by: Christian Splieth

Date of publication: March 2011


Pediatric dentistry is a cross-sectional specialization with a great tradition. Many interesting findings from recent research in all fields of dentistry also have their impact on pediatric dentistry. This book discusses new developments and “revolutions” in dentistry and introduces them into pedodontic practice. Revolutions in Pediatric Dentistry addresses everyone interested or involved in pediatric dentistry, such as students, practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers, who want to gain insight into these future developments. The intention is to make an impact on the teaching and practice of pediatric dentistry – not by giving cookbook recipes, but by pointing out the rationale behind the changes. Presented by an international group of recognized specialists in their respective fields, the topics include new diagnostic approaches, changes in oral disease patterns and their consequences, non- and minimally invasive caries treatment, current fluoride guidelines, a common risk factor approach, proximal sealants and caries infiltration, up-to-date techniques for local anesthesia, pulpotomies and pulpectomies, MTA in pediatric dentistry, and an evaluation of the evidence for caries removal and space maintainers.

ISBN: 9781850972129

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