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Case Reports in Pediatric Dentistry

Case Reports in Pediatric Dentistry
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-196-2
Autor: Evert van Amerongen

Case Reports in Pediatric Dentistry

Edited by: Evert van Amerongen

Date of publication: June 2009


 ‘Case Reports in Pediatric Dentistry’ provides the reader with useful tips and suggestions, ideal for when the clinician is confronted with similar patients. It is an invaluable addition for all dental practitioners treating pediatric patients. This book describes 16 cases, with more than 300 illustrations, on a number of problems encountered in the treatment of children, and how the authors have solved them.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-196-2


1. Long-Term Management of Early Childhood Caries 2. Hypomineralized Molars 3. Dentinogenesis Imperfecta Type II 4. Hypophosphatasia 5. Non-operative Management of Dental Caries in the Primary 6. Role of the Pediatric Dentist in Hypodontia 7. Erosive Dental Wear 8. The Hall Technique: A Novel Method of Using Preformed Metal Crowns 9. Potential of Incomplete Caries Excavation to Arrest Active Caries Lesions and to Maintain Pulp Vitality 10. Management of Sequelae in the Permanent Incisors After Trauma in the Primary Dentition 11. Premolar Autotransplantation After Avulsion of Both Maxillary Central Incisors 12. Prosthetic Rehabilitation in a Patient with Ectodermal Dysplasi 13. Tongue Piercing 14. Complicated Crown Fractures in Two Permanent Incisors 15. Traumatic Bone Cyst 16. Pulp Therapy in the Primary Molars

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