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Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry, Third Edition

Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry, Third Edition
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ISBN: 978-0-86715-262-3
Autor: Richard J Mathewson, Robert E Primosch

Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry, Third Edition

Edited by: Richard J Mathewson, Robert E Primosch

Date of publication: June-05


This revision of a well-known text-book covers all aspects of pediatric dentistry and is updated to include new developments. Topics include diagnosis, prophylaxis, patient management, restorative procedures, endodontic treatment, prosthodontics, and treatment planning. The book is copiously illustrated, with step-by-step explanations of common procedures. Comprehensive, yet detailed, it is ideal for the dental student.

ISBN: 978-0-86715-262-3


1. Behavioral and Physical Assessment
2. Occlusal Assessment
3. Radiographic Assessment
4. Soft Tissue Assessment
5. Hard Tissue Assessment

6. Oral Hygiene Education
7. Fluoride Therapy
8. Sealants and Preventive Resin Restorations

Child Management
9. Behavior Management
10. Conscious Sedation
11. Hospital Dentistry
12. Local Anesthesia
13. Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Inhalation

Clinical Procedures
14. Morphology of the Primary Teeth
15. Restorative Procedures for Primary Molars
16. Stainless Steel Crown Procedures for Primary Molars
17. Restorative Procedures for Primary Incisors
18. Pulp Treatment
19. Trauma to Anterior Teeth
20. Extraction Techniques
21. Space Maintenance
22. Prosthodontics
23. Guidance of the Developing Occlusion
24. Treatment Plannin

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