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Promoting Children’s Oral Health

Promoting Children’s Oral Health
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ISBN: 978-85-87425-60-7
Autor: Aubrey Sheiham, Marcelo Bönecker

Promoting Children’s Oral Health

Theory and Practice

Edited by: Aubrey Sheiham, Marcelo Bönecker

Date of publication: September-05


This book encourages dental and primary health care professionals to work together in promoting oral health as an essential part of public health and is written by experts in dental public health from the United Kingdom and Brazil.


1. Dental Caries: An Epidemiological Approach
2. Public Health Approaches to Promoting Periodontal Health
3. Traumatic Dental Injury
4. Malocclusion in a Public Health Context
5. Healthy Environments: Strategies for Promotion of Children’s Oral Health
6. Development of Behaviours and Habits Conducive to Oral Health
7. Healthy Food Policies
8. Effective Caries Prevention with Fluoride
9. Individual Life Cycle and Community Health: Healthy Children as a Sound Basis of a Healthy Society
10. Working with the Primary Health Care Team to Promote the Oral Health of Children

ISBN: 978-85-87425-60-7


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