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Proceedings of the First P-I Branemark Scientific Symposium

Proceedings of the First P-I Branemark Scientific Symposium
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-207-5
Autor: Robert Gottlander, Daniel van Steenberghe,

Proceedings of the First P-I Branemark Scientific Symposium

Edited by: Robert Gottlander, Daniel van Steenberghe,

Date of publication: December 2010


Osseointegration and related treatment modalities: future perspectives, quality of life, and treatment simplification Although osseointegration inspires a large number of meetings in different fields of healthcare and engineering, Nobel Biocare felt that patient care would benefit from a special forum independent from industry. The format of the first symposium honored the lifetime work of P-I Brånemark: promoting multidisciplinary and even interdisciplinary cooperation. It was a fascinating meeting, where many attendees could also have been presenters, which led to vivid discussions. The latter provided information that cannot be found elsewhere. The richly illustrated proceedings deal with a vast array of knowledge related to osseointegration such as mechanobiology, nanostructured surfaces, oro-facial reconstructions, orthopedic applications but also to associated diagnostic and treatment modalities such as full-ceramic crowns, CAD-CAM techniques, guided surgery the use of cone-beam CTs. Considerations with regard to quality of life and treatment simplification were common threads through out the symposium. Presentations in basic science section always offered clinical perspectives, such as for example the risk of using some painkillers after implant surgery. The present proceedings offer cutting-edge information from worldrenowned experts who accepted to share not only recent evidence but also their insights and opinions. We are convinced that the contents of the proceedings will have an impact on patient healthcare and thus fulfill the intended aim of the first P-I Brånemark Symposium.

ISBN: ISBN 978-1-85097-207-5

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