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Advances in Operative Dentistry Volume 2

Advances in Operative Dentistry Volume 2
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Preţ: 118,00€
ISBN: 978-0-86715-403-0
Autor: Jean-François Roulet, Nairn H F Wilson, Massimo Fuzzi

Advances in Operative Dentistry Volume 2

Challenges of the Future

Edited by: Jean-François Roulet, Nairn H F Wilson, Massimo Fuzzi

Date of publication: September-01

118.00 € 

Volume 2 offers an authoritative overview of future approaches to operative dentistry with emphasis on the scientific basis for state-of-the-art techniques.

ISBN: 978-0-86715-403-0


Part 1: Prevention and Diagnosis
1 Prevention of Dental Caries/Peter R. Hotz
2 Prevention—Practical Aspects/Jean-François Roulet and Stefan Zimmer
3 Methods for Caries Detection/Adrian Lussi
4 Assessment of Caries Risk in the Clinic—A Modern Approach/Douglas Bratthall, J. Ramanathan Stjernswärd, and Gunnel Hänsel Petersson

Part 2: Preservation of Tooth Tissues
5 Decision Making in Restorative Dentistry/Emiel H. Verdonschot and Alphons J. M. Plasschaert
6 Initial Management: To Drill or Not to Drill?/Fabio Toffenetti
7 Replacement or Repair of Dental Restorations/Nairn H. F. Wilson, James C. Setcos, and Paul Brunton
8 Biological Aspects: Adverse and Beneficial Effects of Restorative Materials/W. Rory Hume

Part 3: Restoration of Tooth Tissues
9 Adhesion/Paul Lambrechts, Bart Van Meerbeek, Jorge Perdigão, and Guido Vanherle
10 New Materials and Techniques/Carel L. Davidson
11 Efficiency of New Enamel-Dentin Bonding Systems: Assessment by General Practitioners/Michel Degrange, Laïla Hitmi, Denis Bouter, Samuel Gonthier, Fanny Basset, and Julien Bijaoui
12 Improving Outcome: Anterior Restorations/Bernd Klaiber, Burkhard Hugo, and Norbert Hofmann
13 Conservative Treatments in the Esthetic Zone/Didier Dietschi and Ivo Krejci
14 Improving Outcome: Posterior Restorations/Javier García Barbero
15 Posterior Esthetics with Composite Resins/Roberto Spreafico and Jean-François Roulet
16 Longevity of Restorations/Juergen Manhart and Reinhard Hickel
17 Quality Guidelines of Operative Dentistry: The Swiss Approach/Felix Lutz and Ivo Krejc

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