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Dental Materials and Their Selection, 4th Edition

Dental Materials and Their Selection, 4th Edition
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ISBN: 978-0-86715-437-5
Autor: William J O'Brien

Dental Materials and Their Selection, 4th Edition

Edited by: William J O'Brien

Date of publication: August-08


Fundamental principles of material science are closely inegrated with everyday dental practice in the newly revised edition of this classic textbook. Written in a practical, straightforward manner with the student practitioner in mind, this book presents the essential knowledge of material structure and properties. A glossary of terms and discussion questions are included with each chapter to help students focus on the concepts they will need as practicing dentists. Promoting problem-based learning through the sue of real-life clincial scenarios, the authors show how to apply the framework of material science to restorative treatment plans. Tghuis didactic comination will enabl e students, technicians and clinicians not only to select apprpriate materials for various clinical situations, but to handle them correctly for optimum clinical performance.

ISBN: 978-0-86715-437-5

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