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Advances in Glass-Ionomer Cements

Advances in Glass-Ionomer Cements
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ISBN: 90-86715-360-1
Autor: Davidson, Carel L. and Mjor, Ivar A.

Advances in Glass-Ionomer Cements

Author(s)/Editor(s): Davidson, Carel L. and Mjor, Ivar A.

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 Written by an international group of experts, this comprehensive book provides an up-to-date, complete review of all types of glass-ionomer cements--from their uses, limitations, and advantages and disadvantages, to any problems associated with their use in modern dental practice. Detailed here are the physical, chemical, biological, and clinical properties, with particular emphasis on clinical use in restorative and pediatric dentistry as well as in orthodontics, prosthodontics, and endodontics. Questions about the efficacy of the newer resin- and polyacid-modified materials also are addressed.

ISBN: 0-86715-360-1

Table of Contents:
1. Characteristics of Glass-Ionomer Cements
2. Physical Properties of Glass-Ionomer Cements: Setting Shrinkage and Wear
3. Physical Properties of Glass-Ionomer Cements: Fatigue and Elasticity
4. Chemical and Biological Properties of Glass-Ionomer Cements
5. Biocompatibility of Glass-Ionomer Cements
6. Bonding Glass-Ionomer Cements to Tooth Structure
7. Use of Glass Ionomers as Bondings, Linings, or Bases
8. Glass-Ionomer Luting Cements
9. Luting in Orthodontic Practice
10. Application of Glass-Ionomer Cements in Endodontics
11. Glass Ionomers and Compomers in Pediatric Dentistry
12. Clinical Application: Class III and Class V Restorations
13. Glass-Ionomer Restorations in Stress-Bearing and Difficult-to-Access Cavities
14. Advantages, Disadvantages, and Future Implications

303pp: 220 illus (164 in color)


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