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Al dente

Al dente
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ISBN: 978-1-85097-187-0
Autor: Norbert Salenbauch, Arrigo Cipriani, Volker Kriegel

Al dente

Edited by: Norbert Salenbauch, Arrigo Cipriani, Volker Kriegel

Date of publication: January 2009


With genuine understanding for patients undergoing the pain and trauma of rehabilitative treatment, Dr Norbert Salenbauch shows that it is possible to eat well, even feast, throughout the different phases of dental treatment. This book provides valuable preventive measures, self-care tips, and humorous vignettes from his practice, interspersed with the tantalizing recipes and culinary advice of Arrigo Cipriani, owner of the famed Harry’s Bar. The reader is taken from the dental chair into a friendly Italian kitchen, where the seductive, comforting aromas and rich flavors seem to waft off the pages and into the senses. The book shows patients that there is no medicine like good food and laughter.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-187-0



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