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Ultimele noutati de carte inernationala Quintessence

Ultimele noutati de carte inernationala Quintessence
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ISBN: 26102011
Autor: Quintessence International


Ultimele noutati de carte Internationala Quintessence  




Immediate restorations with a reduced number of implants

Edited by: G. Bayer, F. Kistler, S. Kistler, S. Adler, J. Neugebauer                     

Date of publication: October 2011

Pret: 78 Euro

In this book, the authors present an innovative implantological
treatment approach that
enables the immediate restoration
of edentulous jaws with a fixed dental prosthesis. The key to this approach is the use of angled implants in the posterior area, which provide stable support for the restoration with a reduced
number of implants, even in atrophied jaws. In addition to the clinical and technical foundations of the SKY fast & fixed approach, the book presents the various options available for prosthetic restoration and the outstanding clinical results that have been achieved to date. 

ISBN: 978-1-85097-217-4


The Alexander Discipline, Volume 2

Long-Term Stability in Orthodontics



Edited by: R. G. Wick Alexander

Date of publication: August 2011


Prie: 152 Euro

In the specialty of orthodontics, treatment results depend on the clinician’s knowledge, manual dexterity, philosophy, and effort. This book highlights the lack of common scientific guidelines in orthodontic practice, advocating for the recognition and identification of such guidelines that work to place the teeth in positions that will produce the healthiest, most functional, most esthetic, and most stable results possible. With so many factors influencing long-term stability, this book consolidates the 20 principles of the Alexander Discipline outlined in volume one into 6 guidelines for approaching long-term stability in orthodontics, focusing on the periodontium, torque control, skeletal and transverse control, occlusion, and the soft tissue profile. Each guideline is presented with several case studies that follow from the treatment plan to the definitive result and that highlight long-term stability in 5- to 40-year posttreatment records. A must-have for the practicing orthodontist. 

ISBN: 978-0-86715-468-9


Handbook of Cephalometric Superimposition



Edited by: Herman S. Duterloo, Pierre-Georges Planché

Date of publication: August 2011             


Price: 118 Euro

Superimposition of cephalometric images is the universally used method for demonstrating and evaluating growth and treatment outcomes in the dentofacial complex in individual patients. However, traditional procedures for cephalometric superimposition are based on the use of periosteally located landmarks or their dependant substitutes, which are unstable over time. This renders interpretation of pretreatment-to-posttreatment changes unreliable. The structural method of superimposition, developed and introduced by Arne Björk and based largely on longitudinal implant studies, is the only evidence-based method of superimposition, and it provides individualized, far-reaching insight into growth and treatment changes. Reliable measurement of local, actual changes in direction and amount is possible, allowing interpretation of the biologic events that took place. This book provides a critical, in-depth review of the history of cephalometric superimposition and the background and development of the structural method; demonstrates how to apply the structural method; and provides help and instruction for correct interpretation of the resulting superimpositions. Accurate cephalometric tracings and superimpositions represent the best way to demonstrate and evaluate changes resulting from dentofacial skeletal growth and treatment. This book will help readers to produce superimpositions with maximal accuracy, based on the best available scientific biologic evidence.

ISBN: 978-0-86715-508-2


4D Implant Therapy

Esthetic Consideration for Soft Tissue Management



Edited by: Akiyashi Funato, Tomohiro Ishikawa

Date of publication: February 2011


Price: 128 Euro

Clinicians today recognize the need for a restoration-driven approach to implant therapy that considers the placement in bone and soft tissue from a three-dimensional perspective. However, the authors of this book assert that for optimal esthetics and patient satisfaction, a fourth dimension—timing—must be given equal weight in implant treatment planning. The aim of this book is to introduce this new 4-D concept for esthetic implant therapy and to re-examine the traditional treatment sequence of implant therapy so that practitioners and patients can achieve predictable and esthetically pleasing treatment outcomes.
The importance of including patients and their individual needs and goals in treatment planning is emphasized, as is the preservation of alveolar bone, dentition, function, and esthetics over the long term through the proper execution of periodontal treatment. Topics include immediate implant placement in extraction sockets, extraction socket preservation, root submergence techniques, ridge augmentation, and soft tissue management in the esthetic region.

ISBN: 9781850972013


Diagnosis and Treatment in Prosthodontics, Second Edition



Edited by: William R. Laney, Thomas J. Salines, Alan B. Carr, Sreenivas Koka, Steven E. Eckert

Date of publication: August 2011 


Pice: 189 Euro

While many prosthodontics textbooks focus on the art and technical science of prosthetic treatment, this unique book addresses the medical and surgical aspects of treating partially and completely edentulous patients and emphasizes the need to attend to the biologic, psychologic, and social dimensions of illness and care, particularly for those clinicians providing advanced care to patients who require resection and reconstruction or who have oral complications from radiation and chemotherapy. Like the first edition, this book presents a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment that considers the effects on speech, chewing, and swallowing and the social roles that teeth play in a person's life. But the similarity ends there. Since the first edition was published in 1987, the clinical practice of prosthodontics has dramatically changed as patient desires and expectations have shifted away from purely function-related concerns toward an emphasis on esthetics and convenience. Moreover, new technologies and materials have been developed to achieve more predictable and successful outcomes. For example, immediate loading has made implant therapy a more accessible and predictable treatment option; ceramic materials now satisfy the demands for esthetic and functional restorations; and three-dimensional imaging techniques such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging aid the clinician in treatment planning and preprosthetic considerations. Completely rewritten and updated, this new second edition highlights all of these emerging developments as it guides prosthodontic residents and practitioners in providing comprehensive and empathic care.  

ISBN: 978-0-86715-404-7

Fundamentals of Color                                                              
Shade Matching and Communication in Esthetic Dentistry

2nd edition 2011

Aut: Chu, Stephen J. / Devigus, Alessandro / Paravina, Rade D. / Mieleszo, Adam J.
Price: 68 Euro

When dental practitioners lack training in the art and science of color, the deficiency often becomes glaringly evident in the quality of their restorative work. This book was written to simplify the study of color and help dentists communicate shade easily and accurately. It begins by presenting the basics of color theory within the context of esthetic dentistry and the factors that affect the transmission and perception of color. This is followed by how-to chapters on conventional and technology-based shade matching, which highlight the advantages and drawbacks of each approach and provide step-by-step shade-matching methods and protocols.

This updated and expanded second edition also includes chapters on the use of digital photography for shade verification and the influence of material selection on color matching. In the final two chapters, the authors present their own recommended shade-matching protocol (which combines conventional and computer-based techniques) and an expanded series of cases demonstrating its application in various clinical scenarios. Highly recommended for students, general practioners, and specialists.



Dental Implant Restoration

Principles and Procedures

Edited by: Stuart Jacobs, Brian O'Connell

Date of publication: March 2011

Pret: 118 Euro


Treatment protocols involving placement of dental implants require a dental team with expertise in surgery, restoration, and laboratory procedures. However, the responsibility for coordinating the treatment plan falls to the restorative clinician who must develop the blueprint for restoration. This concise and easy-to-follow guide provides a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of implant dentistry and prepares a clinician to lead the treatment team through the stages of restoration to produce an esthetic and functional result. The first part provides an overview of implants and their components, the theory of osseointegration, and a guide to patient diagnosis and treatment planning. The second part consists of effective clinical protocols for simple implant restoration using techniques that are currently available and commonly used. This book is an ideal starting point for students and practitioners
new to implant dentistry.

ISBN: 9781850971016


Surgical Complications in Oral Implantology               

Etiology, Prevention, and Management



Edited by: Loui Al-Faraje

Price: 189 Euro

This exceptional new book is designed as a self-instruction guide to the diagnosis, management, and prevention of surgery-related complications in implant dentistry. It functions in two ways: First, it is a valuable resource for the implant surgeon seeking practical and succinct information about how to manage a complication in an emergency setting; and second, it can be read from cover to cover as a primer on implant surgery, from the initial consultation and treatment planning through the restorative phase of treatment. Besides addressing pre-, intra-, and postoperative implant surgery complications, the book also includes a comprehensive treatment-planning protocol that allows for the early detection of potential surgical complications and how to avoid them. Early detection of complications that are amenable to rescue therapies may reverse the fate of a failing implant or a bone-grafting procedure. Invaluable for the novice and experienced implant surgeon alike.


ISBN: 978-0-86715-506-8


Challenging Nature - Wax-Up Techniques in Aesthetics and Functional Occlusion

Edited by: Paulo Kano

Date of publication: April 2011

Pret: 210 Euro


Wax-up is a cornerstone of dentistry because both dental esthetics and function are contingent upon dental morphology. In this brilliant twovolume work, Paolo Kano demonstrates how to wax up posterior teeth based on the model of nature while satisfying the esthetic and functional requirements of modern dentistry. The atlas volume guides the reader through the author’s revolutionary wax-up techniques step-by-step using a number of impressive, large-format images for each tooth. Their clinical significance is illustrated based on case studies in a separate chapter. The accompanying text volume provides easily understandable explanations and illustrations of all of the techniques.

ISBN: 9781850972037


Treatment of Endodontic Infections                       

Edited by: Jose Siqueira

Date of publication: November 2010

Pret: 128 Euro


A thorough understanding of the microbiological aspects of apical periodontitis is the basis for high-quality endodontic practice based on a solid scientific foundation. The first section of this book deals with microbiologic and pathophysiologic aspects of apical periodontitis, while the second section describes the best evidence for predictable treatment and prevention of the disease.

ISBN: 9781850972051

Endo-Periodontal Lesions              

Edited by: Edoardo Foce

Date of publication: March 2011

Pret: 108 Euro


Endodontic and periodontal lesions can manifest identical symptoms despite originating from separate pathogens, and traditional classification has reinforced etiological imprecision in both diagnosis and treatment. Supported by a thorough analysis of the diagnostic, etiopathogenic, and clinical factors, the author of this succinct book proposes new terminology and a simplified classification of endo-periodontal lesions that shed light on an ambiguous pathologic situation that is often misinterpreted in clinical practice. Step-by-step, the reader is guided through a systematic differential diagnosis in order to distinguish the signs and symptoms arising from each etiology that determine how to proceed with appropriate treatment. The author presents an interdisciplinary approach to treatment planning as well as predictable clinical protocols to ensure success in treatment. Abundant case documentation illustrates the close connection between the dental pulp and the periodontium and shows the variety of clinical situations in which this dual-natured pathology can present.

ISBN: 9781850972105


Get Sharp

Nonsurgical Periodontal Instrument Sharpening                  

Edited by: Marisa Roncati

Date of publication: March 2011

Pret: 26 Euro

Correct sharpening of nonsurgical periodontal instruments is essential for effective prophylaxis. Incorrect sharpening can modify the instrument blade and jeopardize safe treatment, and con tinued use of a dull instrument can lead to in adequate treatment, partial removal of calculus deposits, and compromised healing. This book simplifies key concepts to ensure restoration of the fine cutting edge as well as maintenance of the original design of the blade.

Maxillofacial Rehabilitation

Edited by: John Beumer III, Mark T. Marunick, Salvatore J. Esposito

Date of publication: October 2011


Pret: 198 Euro

This book, which offers a truly multidisciplinary approach to cancer care and research, provides the reader with insights into the etiologies of cancer as well as the latest developments in reconstructive surgery, maxillofacial prosthetics, and dental care. In this updated edition, new chapters present information on digital technology and tissue engineering, reflecting the impact of computer-aided design and manufacturing and molecular biology on current and future treatment strategies. In addition, all chapters have undergone significant revision, reflecting the knowledge and sophistication gained over the last few years in the use of osseointegrated implants, free vascularized flaps, and dental management of the irradiated patient, among other topics.
The reader will take away practical knowledge of state-of-the-art treatment approaches to ensure that future patients will no longer complain that “the cure was worse than the disease.”

ISBN: 978-0-86715-498-6



Prosthetic Rehabilitation, Part II:

Technical Procedures

Edited by: Giulio Preti

Date of publication: October 2011


Pret: 76 Euro

This second volume in the Prosthetic Rehabilitation series articulates a patient-centred approach to prosthodontic restoration. Placing a strong emphasis on the scientific rigour of clinical decision making, the authors present the principles central to constructing optimal prostheses for patients in various stages of edentulism. Every technical phase of rehabilitation is detailed, including clinical examination, use of a provisional prosthesis, fabrication of the definitive restoration and follow- up procedures. Expert guidance on increasing denture stability, conditioning the soft tissues, and selecting the right denture adhesive rounds off this highly practical book.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-198-6

Sleep Apnea                    

Management of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders in Dentistry (DVD)

Date of publication: October 2011


Pret: 148 Euro

Sleep apnea affects millions of people worldwide, yet according to current estimates, only 5% of cases are diagnosed and treated. Treatment of sleep apnea requires interdisciplinary cooperation between sleep medicine specialists, dentists, and dental technicians.
This three-part DVD provides a complete guide to treating the two main causative bite relationships associated with sleep apnea—the edge-to-edge bite and the deep bite. A mandibular advancement device will not solve the problem in every case, but it does help many patients improve their quality of life and prevent serious complications of the disease. Successful treatment of sleep apnea requires the systematic teamwork of specialists in all three specialty fields and a sound knowledge of the disease.

ISBN: 9783938947855

3D Communications of Cells


Edited by: B. Stadlinger, H. Terheyden 


Pret: 86 Euro

The first module in the new 3D animation series “Lively Science” dramatises the individual roles performed by each of the finely tuned cells, mediators, and transmitters involved in the complex biodynamic cascade of events known as osseointegration.
Bringing science to life by making the invisible visible, the film chronicles the four phases triggered in succession when a titanium implant is inserted where a tooth has been lost: hemostasis; the inflammation phase; the proliferative phase; and the remodeling phase. Students, researchers, and clinicians of all disciplines will find this film at once instructive, insightfu

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