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Periodontal Care

Periodontal Care
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ISBN: 1111111111
Autor: Christoph Ramseier, Niklaus Lang

Periodontal Care

Edited by: Christoph Ramseier, Niklaus Lang


Type: CD-ROM

Platform: MAC or PC

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The aim of this tutorial is to convey the e sentials of periodontal disease management for proper quality assurance in periodontology. The periodontal baseline examination makes it possible to quickly determine whether a new patient has healthy gums or periodontal disease. Proper periodontal disease management encompasses diagnosis, periodontal disease treatment, recall, risk assessment and aftercare. The tutorial software demonstrates a systematic step-by- step approach to treatment. It allows the user to work through the educational content in the various learning tracks while learning fundamental principles in a problem specific and scientifically oriented manner. This makes it possible to expediently connect the different educational content areas. The second edition, which now is also available in English, features a fully revised navigation system and setup for treatment and recall. A chapter on tobacco withdrawal has also been added.

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