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Human Occlusion & the TMJ (For PC)

Human Occlusion & the TMJ (For PC)
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ISBN: 111111112
Autor: Paul Brown, Eric Herbranson

Human Occlusion & the TMJ (For PC)

Edited by: Paul Brown, Eric Herbranson



Platform: PC

£475.20 inc. VAT

This innovative learning software combines exceptionally high-quality computer models and illustrations derived from real anatomy with state-of-the-art viewing and interaction protocols. The modules enable breakthrough educational effectiveness across the full spectrum of academic and commercial curricula. Its interactive 3-D models vastly improve comprehension and retention of dentistry’s complex spatial structures and concepts.


An overview of the stomatognathic system Anatom Mandibular movements Tooth form and occlusal relationship Virtual articulator Libraries of the atlas’ animations and videos Interactive programs and self-assessment Glossary of occlusion terms.

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